Pneuma Academy
 Early Childhood Educational Learning & Cultural Center
  A Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics (STEM) School for Inner City Children  Ages 2 1/2 - 13
  EJECT, Inc. Administrative Office Number 732-768-4263

"Academic Excellence is the Air We Breathe..."

School Crest

One of the elements of Air is Oxygen. The letter “O” is the chemical symbol for “Oxygen”
This is the alchemy symbol for Air.  Therefore, it is embedded within the “O” shape       
Symbolizes a crest/swirl of a strong Wind





Mind:  Eagle Wings – For students to fly academically high above the clouds with their minds and eyes on a vision for their future life.

Body:  Shield – In the form of educational awareness about eating healthy foods and being good environmental stewards, who know how to protect our Earth.

Spiritual and Social:   Swords – One Spiritual sword and one Social sword placed in the hands of our students so they have the power to execute their acquired skills of personal discipline and self-control with the social awareness necessary to be academically strong in reading, writing and math as they become college and career ready.